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The planning of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activity allows you to obtain excellent results in the medium to long term if you share the objectives

With the updating of search engine algorithms and the introduction of machine learning, it no longer makes sense to talk only about keywords, because in fact the organic ranking no longer depends only on this factor.

Today it is essential to introduce topics such as semantic clusters, search patterns and UX and CRO architecture into your SEO strategy.

Equally important are the aspects related to the generation of content, the speed of the site (Mobile first) and the construction of structured data (Semantic Markup).

Before undertaking an SEO activity, it is essential to start from an analysis of the market and of the positioning

KPI Monitoring

Define your metrics and monitor them over time. Your strategy has measurable results over the medium and long term

Focus on Topics

Plan the activities and areas in which you want to achieve your results and plan interventions over time.

On Page SEO

Work on the site code and optimize meta tags, code, internal links and navigation to improve site speed and usability.

Seo Audit

Before starting a Search Engine Optimization (Seo) activity, request an assessment on the health of your site and the positioning of your keywords. We will be able to know what your users' research intentions are and how they relate to your direct competitors.

We will provide you with a dashboard of statistics and meaningful data that represent a snapshot of your current situation and possible paths for improvement.

Together we will be able to plan the actions to be carried out and the priority with respect to your objectives. Improving your organic ranking means increasing traffic to your site, improving the quality of the traffic itself and ultimately increasing conversions.

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