Learning Objects Solution

The multilingual cloud distance learning platform, Learning Objects allows you to build your own personalized, secure and reliable environment to deliver courses, certificates, documents.
Create your personalized e-commerce

lms learning management system

Scalability over time

Start with a standard solution and increase your users and functionality over time without worrying about the technological infrastructure.

lms learning management system

Modules of your choice

Choose the modules and features you want to use and customize your platform over time.

lms learning management system

Flexibility and customization

You can build your personalized environment, with your colors, your brand and define the training logic you want.

Download the integration plugin for Woocommerce and create your e-learning environment

Real-time update

Create your courses, your lessons and make them available to all your users when you want and how you want. You will be able to plan the publication and associate it with the types of users created on the platform.

Content management

Customize your courses and contents by inserting modules, questionnaires, personalized learning paths. Create your Live Streams with different classes. All through a functional and intuitive cloud back-end.

Users and profiles

Create your users through a massive import or a registration form that associates the content with the type of user.

Scheduled Events

Within the platform you can create customized and scheduled events to share special moments or ad hoc content.

Skills Monitoring

Monitor the use of the platform and the results achieved to organize the development of content or modify your training offer.

Certifications and certificates

Create study paths aimed at obtaining certifications recognized by you or internationally.

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