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How to sell courses online

The choice of the e-learning platform is fundamental in reference to how to sell your online courses. Before giving you the tips to achieve this goal, start from the assumption that creating your training courses is an exciting challenge that does not end here. To be successful in the field of e-learning, you must be able to promote and sell them in a workmanlike manner. Therefore, without the right platform, the chances of success are restricted.

Boom of online courses

For five years there has been an increase in demand for online courses.
The job market requires specialized professionals. Universities sometimes provide more theoretical than practical paths. This explains the reason why many university students, at the end of their studies, do not arrive prepared in the world of work. The online courses to follow on e-learning platforms represent a turning point.

Even freelancers, eager to increase their customer base, know that updating is important and that online training courses are the most effective way to improve.

Employees in the public and private sectors need to acquire new skills to advance their careers. Not having a lot of time available, distance learning represents an opportunity.

More and more pensioners and housewives are considering the online training offer: video tutorials simplify the learning of new skills that sometimes lead to a pastime or the opening of a business.

Your role as an online trainer

If as an online trainer you see your reference target in one of the following targets, you will understand that the potential to be successful is all there. By choosing the appropriate e-learning platform, you can maximize your results. The competitive level in online courses has increased. Demand is growing just like supply: managers, freelancers, university professors, polyglots, pioneers in unexplored sectors, having specific skills, get involved. by making their online course, ready to be sold.

However, success does not always depend on the actual quality of the skills transmitted. There are many well-structured courses.

Unfortunately, there are only a few who obtain the deserved visibility. To put the content you presented in the course at the service of as many buyers as possible, we need some precautions.

The choice of platform to sell your online courses

In e-learning it is essential to choose the best LMS (Learning Management System). Learning Objects has all the credentials because it has all the tools to create, host and distribute your online lessons. The simplicity of the interface is an added value for the end-user.

Learning Objects: what is it?

This is the opportunity to reuse digital material on the same topic or on a complementary one, as regards an e-learning learning program: modularity, availability and interoperability are its core values.

Modularity is essential in distance learning, because it allows you to better structure the contents on the basis of the training objectives. Didactic objects can be used again for the presentation of training courses, if you can modulate the contents.

The availability is useful for identifying the physical space where the storage of learning objects took place. To do this, the set of metadata is used, as it will be responsible for cataloging the range of resources in a complete manner, obviously taking into account specific parameters decided upstream. Metadata have the role of making learning objects available in the repositories. The purpose of digital archives, in fact, is to classify didactic objects in relation to the metadata cataloging parameters.

Interoperability favors the use of learning objects on various platforms, dedicated to the delivery of educational content in order to simplify the exchange of digital content.

Distance learning platform: what is it about?

The choice of the web portal, able to combine various technologies, useful for using the contents of the teaching materials.

We talk about distance learning: due to its flexibility, it is seen as the completion of classroom lessons.

As a trainer, it is up to you to choose whether to opt for freeware solutions or whether it is better to focus on paid platforms.

Learning Objects, the perfect platform to define your e-learning

In online learning, our platform is Learning Objects. Companies appreciate it, as it allows the creation of an Academy structured around employee training. The management of the courses and the uploading of documents and videos takes place in secure mode. The quizzes certify the skills acquired.

The context of this e-learning platform, however, is not only the corporate one, since it is in use at various schools. Teachers have the opportunity to organize content by topic and by level of difficulty.

If you are looking for a platform for distance learning, Learning Objects is the top: it is multilingual and allows you to create an environment focused on reliability, personalization and security, when you deliver online courses, certificates and documents.

Management of didactic objects

When preparing an e-learning course, consider if there are any materials that can be re-used in other online courses. You will therefore need to differentiate them from newly produced content.
Reusing the e-learning object in an online course becomes feasible only if the material is easy to understand for the subscribers. Carry out the appropriate assessments and if you are of the opinion that it could bring added value to those who will take part in your distance learning course, do not hesitate to point us. Work on it and adapt it to the context, so that success is assured and remember that your goal is to sell your courses online.

The choice of the cloud storage system

As a technical aspect, much of the success in the sector in question passes through the FAD platform and the e-learning platform.

Great organization

A well-designed “organizational machine” proves to be one more weapon in the sale of online courses. Video sharing portals, social networks and management software based on the Kanban system are very useful.

Effectiveness of the image

The graphic content that you will create must ensure a respectable glance and a considerable emotional impact, if you try to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Sales Funnel 

In online courses, the sales funnel approach is one of the most popular solutions to maximize earnings. Instead of focusing everything and directly on the purchase of the training course by the person concerned, you will go and sip the conversion. What is initially just a user, will first become a potential customer and then an actual buyer. It will be up to you to guide him by hand, stimulate interaction, understand his opinion on the topic of your lessons, present him with surveys and offer him free content exclusively.

Pro tempore offers, such as “download the first lesson for free today” or “20% discount for you on the course if you buy it in the next 24 hours” help to release a positive halo in the mind of the person concerned who, feeling “pampered”, will understand the benefits of the course and will purchase it.
The sine qua non is that the offer is really pro tempore, because resubmitting it without changes after a week, makes the online trainer lose credibility.

A taste at no cost

In the e-learning branch, many trainers publish the preview of the training videos, available for free on video sharing portals. Whether it’s a first introductory lesson or an explanation of a content or 5% of an online course module, you need to make your target audience understand your skills. In addition to the video format, even the transcription of a small part of the course content can be useful, so that the blogs of your sector and the social profiles of the experts talk about it. By obtaining valuable backlinks and a targeted SEO strategy, the reputation of your online course will benefit.


These strategies on how to sell your courses online are very successful. However, the choice of the e-learning platform is decisive for success. Watch out for the one you decide to focus on.

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