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3 step distance learning guide

How it works and the advantages of an e-learning platform

The recent coronavirus pandemic has confirmed to us how it is increasingly fundamental to change the world of work, towards a deep digitization and the use of an e-learning platform, so as to allow everyone the opportunity to continue their professional training and to carry out in complete autonomy in their work. In this period, those who had already adopted and built their own e-learning platforms found themselves considerably advantageous compared to those who did not foresee this change and used traditional training tools.

In this short guide we will explain the advantages of doing distance learning with elearning and how to build your personal platform.

Distance learning: a new learning opportunity

Teaching has profoundly changed in recent years and has moved from classic classroom lessons to virtual classrooms where it is not necessary to learn in person, but you can comfortably stay at home and learn what you want by choosing times and methods.

The new frontier of learning, given that it does not take place in person, but on the web, has been named with the acronym FAD (distance learning), which has nothing to envy from teaching in the classroom. Distance learning, also known as e-learning or digital learning, is used by professionals to update their professional skills, to study languages, to attend university or master courses or to train employees. 

E-learning has been completely cleared of customs in this last period, since it has also been used by schools of all levels to continue the education of students temporarily forced at home and unable to attend classroom lessons. Compared to classroom training, FAD uses different tools to educate students, professionals, employees, etc .: video lessons, virtual lessons, texts and handouts in digital format, interactive graphics, quizzes and tests to be carried out online, individual or group calls .

Each course can be structured in different modules or lessons and assessment exams can also be arranged to allow for the obtaining of certifications or professional qualifications.

How to create the e-learning platform

In the last period, numerous FAD platforms have been created to allow online learning, but not all of them are simple to use and develop interesting courses, for this reason companies are developing their online platform, to allow their employees to find what they are looking for.

An e-learning platform must have a simple and intuitive interface, which allows students to easily navigate between courses and lessons and to contact teachers or course owners at any time. More and more people are following online courses also on tablets or smartphones, therefore it is necessary that the platform is also usable on these devices.

In the e-learning platform it is necessary to insert the multimedia contents that make up the course, trying to organize them according to a logical order, which considers the levels of difficulty and the skills that the student must acquire. The course can be structured in video lessons and integrated with texts, info graphics, case studies, tests and all the teaching material that can be useful for learning. The company that organizes the course must also include in the FAD platform the possibility of monitoring the results and progress of the course and preparing tests or evaluation exams. For a fully functional platform that is useful for enrolled students, it must also contain the ability to share information with teachers or course organizers through forums, chats, emails or even blogs.

The benefits of e-learning

As you can well understand, given the popularity that distance learning is gaining, this new didactic approach has several advantages both for the organizers and teachers of the courses and for the students. As for the advantages for students, there is the possibility of following the courses, establishing timetables and times, since usually the lessons are loaded on the FAD platform and are usable for all subscribers.

E-learning is also simpler as a learning method, since the lessons are not too long and there is also the possibility of interrupting them to take notes or contact the teachers to request information. 

For workers and professionals, distance learning becomes the only tool to expand their skills or follow refresher courses, given that there is not much time available when working and the lessons are followed in spare time.

As far as companies or organizations that organize training courses for employees are concerned, e-learning certainly represents an opportunity for growth, given that some data have shown that distance learning is more effective in increasing the skills of employees and which also contributes to increasing their productivity. With e-learning platforms, companies can monitor employee results in real time and reward them if they achieve their goals. Another aspect that should not be underestimated in adopting distance learning for companies regarding the use of time and economic resources, given that with the FAD the costs for organizing classroom courses are reduced and it is not necessary to interrupt work or production to allow employees to follow refresher courses.

Learning Objects: the customizable FAD platform

If you run a company and want to create your e-learning platform, you need to know that you must not only organize complete and interesting courses, but offer the user a profitable and efficient study experience. If you want to build a successful e-learning platform, which allows you to monitor the results of subscribers and which is customizable in every aspect, both in terms of courses and the graphical interface, you can choose Learning Objects, the FAD platform. developed by Qltech.

The FAD platform in the cloud, Learning Objects, can be used by both companies and schools of all levels, thanks to the possibility of customizing it according to your professional needs. Learning Objects, compared to other FAD platforms, can be changed over time, in fact you can start with a standard elearning solution and then add new and more performing features. For companies wishing to create a continuous training platform for their employees, it is possible to insert courses, tests and any type of educational material or also offer the possibility to download and print certifications and certificates.

With Learning Objects you can build your distance learning platform from scratch, customizing the graphics, colors, contents and even the communication methods between students and teachers.

One of the most significant features of the e-learning platform developed by Qltech is the possibility of inserting scheduled events such as meetings with teachers, conferences, seminars and many other useful contents for a complete professional training.

The cloud platform allows subscribers to access a reserved area where they can choose the courses to follow, view scheduled events, consult and download books or video lessons and monitor educational progress in real time. Both companies and schools can subscribe to different subscription plans with Learning Objects, based on the number of students and the functionalities to be integrated on the FAD platform.